Lettuce Benefits – What’s with lettuce?

Most people believe that weight loss means dieting, and that dieting means eating lots and lots of salad. It goes without saying that most people’s approach to weight loss needs a giant overhaul. And since it is time to rethink weight loss, that means it is time to come clean about lettuce.

Lettuce is Boring

lettuce-benefits-a-funny-memeWhen people ask for salad dressing recommendations, do you ever want to ask why? If you don’t like lettuce on its own, why are you eating it in the first place? Is steak broken? Did they recall all the chicken? Is there an eggs-istential crisis going on? If a giant bowl of lettuce were even remotely delicious, then we wouldn’t even need dressing. But there is a whole aisle of dressings out there because lettuce on its own is just blah.

It is a giant bowl of crunchy water. And while we’re on the subject, it is worth a mention that store-bought and commercially produced dressings are garbage. They’re made with inflammatory seed oils and (sometimes!) high fructose corn syrup. If you must, use olive oil and vinegar or make your own at home. Or eat it without dressing. If you can’t eat a salad without dressing, then it sounds like you don’t really like lettuce.

Salads can do better

Have you ever seen a salad with gyro meat, olives, feta, tomatoes, and a boatload of romaine? Oh, so close! Things were going great in that salad until they added all that pesky romaine. It’s the packaging peanuts of food. There’s nothing wrong with taking the aforementioned feta and friends and tossing them with some olive oil. Now that is a salad any lettuce hater can get behind.

Ask yourself why

Now that you know lettuce is boring, start asking questions. On no planet is eating a pile of lettuce considered a healthy meal. Why do people think that? Most salads have little to no fat or protein. Ask yourself what your favorite salad is. When you think of the best salad you’ve ever had, you probably think of one that had steak, cheese, and avocado in the mix. Clearly, the star of that salad was not the lettuce. You may be chomping to chime in that you just love lettuce. Sure you do. (PS: Who hurt you?)

Is there no hope for lettuce?

Lettuce has a few purposes you can get behind. It does a great job of keeping your hands clean when eating a bunless burger or an un-taco. Sometimes the only decent thing on a restaurant menu is a salad, and the case can be made for ordering one. Perhaps try ordering a no-lettuce salad when dining out? Though it may be tough to do so without looking like a complete pain in the neck.

You’re free from lettuce

You’ve likely been ordering salads because you think eating healthy means eating lettuce. In reality, the lettuce in the salad serves no purpose other than making the bowl look full. There are better vegetables out there! Consider this permission to eat something a little more fun. You no longer need to eat a giant bowl of iceberg lettuce and call it a meal. Instead try some tea, read a book or start redecorating for better sleep.

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Kerry Wells
Kerry Wells
Kerry Wells is an ASU business alum who received a certification in Food, Nutrition, and Health from the University of Washington. She writes about all things food, and she coaches weight loss clients through her company, WellsBeing, LLC. Check her out on Twitter and Instagram at @Wells_Being


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