8 of the Best Michael Kors Sandals For You

In a world of luxury accessories and apparels, Michael Kors is a well known brand. They are known to offer style without sacrificing comfort. Michael Kors sandals and shoes are well known for being comfortable. Not to mention for being chic, convenient, classy, and cute. We looked at some of the highest-rated Michael Kors sandals and footwear, alongside popular customer commentary. Here are the selected few.

Michael Kors Summer Sandal

The Michael Kors Summer Sandal is the perfect warm-weather footwear for literally any occasion. It does not matter if you are dressed up for a fancy dinner date or dressed down for a day of shopping. These shoes offer a snug fit that is also easy to slip on. They come in black, navy, cream, brown, and gold colors. Its light padding and slightly raised heel provide a comfortable fit without losing out on style. Its thick black straps secure them to your feet without uncomfortable pressure or chafing. Customers state that they are frequently overwhelmed with compliments when they wear these shoes in public.

Michael Michael Kors Summer Sandal

Michael Kors Charlton Sandal

This elegant yet somewhat aggressive sandal is made with smooth, abrasive leather. The plush feel plus adjustable strap prevents rubbing, slipping, and chafing, and it is an incredibly comfortable shoe. The strap between the toes is so thin you barely even notice it. Its elevated heel provides enough of a lift to be noticeable to others without you really being able to tell you are even wearing heels. Customers describe the shoe as being extremely comforting footwear. The chain link accessory over the top gives it a modern, slightly intimidating look.

Michael Michael Kors Charlton Sandal

Michael Kors Pearson Thong Sandals

The design on the Michael Kors Pearson Thong Sandals resembles a gladiator shoe, and quite so for good reasons. This shoe screams fierceness and style and is built to withstand adverse conditions. It has an adjustable buckle and flexible leather straps to help it fit snugly to many different types of feet. It has a sturdy design, synthetic lining, holds up well against all kinds of abuse, and is extraordinarily durable. Buyers describe this shoe as being beautiful, comfortable, and arrives on time and packaged perfectly.

Michael Kors Pearson Thong Sandals

Michael Kors Darby Sandal

Michael Kors Darby Sandal

This beautiful, beachy shoe evokes images of sitting out on the sand by the water, catching some rays. It features soft straps and an easy to manage buckle. These factors eliminate chafing and reduce the hassle of getting ready and still providing an elegant look. It comes in white, black, and brown colors, so you can pick the best style for whatever the occasion is. It fits nicely to all types of feet, and its jute-wrapped platform simply adds to the overall carefree vibe. Customers find this shoe to be adorable and versatile, and they fit as snug but still comfortable.

Michael Kors Fallon Sandal

Michael Kors Fallon Sandal

This powerful, 90s style sandal features a tall, stacked heel and a buckle to secure it around the ankle. This shoe is perfect for spring and summer weather. Additionally, buyers claim that this shoe is comfortable even for those who generally do not like heels. Some people have even stated that they cannot even really tell they are wearing them! These are great sandals for people who have bunions, as the straps always seem to fit perfectly around them.

Michael Kors Berkley Sandals for Women

The Michael Kors Berkley Sandals are a bold and powerful choice for every occasion. This shoe works whether you are going to the office or to an elegant dinner out. It zips closed for easy access in and out of the shoe. Customers claim that they are exceptionally comfortable, especially for a heel. They also state that they are easy to walk in despite how high they appear to be. The interior is made from soft leather to ensure that rubbing and chafing are all but non-existent. Regardless of the situation or outfit, these shoes add an air of class. These shoes are the perfect combination between powerfully casual to sexy and fancy.

Michael Kors Women's Berkley Sandals

Michael Kors Women’s MK Flip Flop

These thickly padded Michael Kors flip flops are an easy style choice, both to wear and to enjoy. They slide on simply and hassle-free, have stretchy gel straps and a soft sole. The front logo shows off the brand to everyone who so much as dare to glance at your feet. Although these flip flops are comfortable and casual, they are still dressy enough to wear out on a fancy dinner date. Say goodbye to cheap flip flops that crack or snap because these really are the perfect warm-weather shoe.

Michael Kors Sandals - Women's MK Flip Flop

Michael Kors Women’s Mk Slide

These Michael Kors slides are a perfect choice for those who do not want to compromise on functionality and style. The super convenient slide-on design makes it comfortable enough for on the go wear. They also do not sacrifice chic, sleekness, and style. Michael Kors slide sandals feature the clear and visible MK logo on the front, identifying its brand for anyone looking. Customers describe these shoes as being beautiful, comfortable, and cute, with thick padded bottoms. They are perfect for everyday wear and for activities ranging from a night out to shopping trips. These shoes really are some of the most versatile out there.

Michael Kors Womens Mk Slide Open Toe Casual Slide Sandals


In summary, the general consensus on nearly every Michael Kors sandal is that it is comfortable and cute. They also do not sacrifice the classy, fancy style of evening dress shoes. Moreover, most Michael Kors footwear is extremely versatile. They are a good choice for everything from daily outfits to business attire to fancy dinner dresses. The soft leather prevents chafing and uncomfortable rubbing. Most varieties come in a multitude of color options to match any outfit.

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